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Mule Day: Southern Heritage Festival

Every year since 1980, Mule Day has been one of Wilkes County's biggest festivals and attractions. People from all over the Southeast come to watch the mule shows, tour historic Callaway Plantation, view and participate in primitive craft demonstrations, shop for some of the best crafts this area has to offer and eat wonderful local food.

Mule Day is a chance for you to experience life, 100 years ago or more, on a rural farm in the South. There are many demonstrations for you to view and even take part in. Most people today have no idea how bread is made or what a loom does, and at Mule Day you can discover all this and more. You may even get a chance to try your hand at plowing with a mule or listen to a local story teller in the one room school house. At only $10.00 a car, it's affordable fun for the whole family.

Mule Day was started by a local historian, Dr. Turner Bryson. Dr. Bryson played a huge role in the city's acquisition of Callaway Planation and wanted to create a place where one could experience life on a plantation; Mule Day was part of that vision. He worked for many years gathering local artisans and crafters from all over the area to attend the event and share their talents. Many of those original founders have since passed, but their legacy lives on through Mule Day. It's one of the many times a year that the community comes together to honor history and southern culture.

Hope you will join us!

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