• Why Are Millennials Vacationing To Small Towns?

    Why Are Millennials Vacationing To Small Towns?

    Now more than ever, millennials are choosing to spend their time away visiting smaller towns rather than opting for adventure in big cities. Why is that, you ask? As one of the “The Prettiest Small Towns in Georgia” according to Southern Living magazine, we can see why! There's no doubt that Washington, GA is a great place to live, but here's why more and more people are choosing to visit Washington-Wilkes.

    Open Spaces With Fresh Air

    The City of Washington offers several open spaces with plenty of fresh air. In a time where people are striving to get away from the daily grind and the noise, small towns with charm are impossible to beat. Best of all, if you love outdoor spaces, you’ll love visiting Washington!

    History Worth Discovering

    Washington was incorporated in 1870, and that means there's a lot of history to enjoy! Whether it's a visit during the Revolutionary Days festival in February, the Cruise-In on the Square in May and September, or just the experience of dining in one of our great local restaurants, there's a lot to love about the history of a small town.

    Unique Shopping 

    There's nothing more satisfying than walking down a charming street and perusing through all of the unique shopping opportunities. You never know what you'll find on the next corner, and that's part of the fun! Whether you're on a tight budget or just want to browse, there's something for everyone — and you can see all of our local shops here.

    Meet Friendly People

    Rather than the hustle and bustle of a busy city, small towns offer an opportunity to get to know the area in a more intimate way, and that means meeting people in the area. You'd be hard pressed to meet people who are friendlier than they are in a small town, and that can be a refreshing change of pace for millennials on vacation.

    Planning a trip soon? Join countless others who are choosing small town vacations — and be sure to add Washington, GA to your list of places to visit and plan your stay today. We look forward to seeing you soon

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