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    Ingrained deep in the South, Canfor Southern Pine (CSP) has emerged as the leader in Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) products. The growth of CSP into a global leader of the SYP industry has come from the unification of deeply rooted, homegrown operations in the South. From South Carolina to Arkansas we now own and operate 14 mills throughout the South.

    Over the past 10 years CSP has become a part of a global company while being allowed to continue to embrace the culture and values we were founded upon and helped us survive the lumber market fluctuations over the past 100 years.

    First and foremost, we value our people. Our customers, suppliers and employees are all an essential part of our family-tree. It is their feedback that have led to advances in the CSP customer experience and established an empowered employee culture encouraging innovation at every level in the company. Providing the highest quality product to our customers in the safest manner possible is a critical Value for CSP.

    Using a vigilant approach to capital improvements; modernization of our facilities and adoption of new technology has been the foundation of our growth. Innovation has allowed us to meet our customer’s needs in an incredibly efficient manner. Embracing technology and processes to allow delivery of a broad spectrum of products to our customers in a timely and convenient method.

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