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    About Us

    The Fitzpatrick Hotel is a fully restored, historic hotel located on the Square in lovely, downtown Washington, Georgia, The Fitzpatrick Hotel features 17 finely appointed guest rooms that allow guests to experience luxurious accommodations reminiscent of another era, while providing all the modern amenities guests have come to expect. The Fitzpatrick Hotel was originally constructed in 1898 and served the thriving county seat of Wilkes County until 1952, at which time the hotel and dining room were closed. After 50 years of neglect, the hotel was purchased in 2002 and an intensive restoration plan culminated with the re-opening of the grand hotel in June 2004. Inside and out, today the Fitzpatrick looks much like it did when it opened in all its grandeur at the turn of the last century. We would love for you to be our guest at the Fitzpatrick.


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